Friday, December 03, 2010

PuttingZone Video Released

PuttingZone Video with Steve Elkington Released

The PuttingZone's premiere video is now OUT! Entitled "The Reality of Putting -- Geoff Mangum with Steve Elkington", is an hour-long presentation of the main teachings developed over the past 20 years in the PuttingZone for brain-based instinctive putting skills of reading, aiming, stroking, and controlling distance and speed. Combining the best of golf lore from a comprehensive 100-year survey with modern physics, anatomy, biomechanics, motor learning science, measurement and training technologies, PLUS the NEW neuroscience of brain-body processes for perception and movement in the relevant tasks of putting skills, the PuttingZone program is far and away the ONLY complete and integrated system for putting skills ever developed.

Filmed at the historic Champions Golf Club owned and operated by Masters legend Jackie Burke Jr., the video is offered as an immediate download from the independent website The purchase price of $35 (payable online) gives access to the video in either a 668 MB Quick-Time .mp4 file or a larger 1.3 GB Windows Media Player .wmv file, along with an introductory PDF that gives a 10-page rundown of the skills content and reproduces the video figures and photos.

Don't miss out on the most advanced and effective putting instruction available. Recent successes by players trained in the PuttingZone techniques include the British Amateur, the US Amateur (and 3 of the 4 semifinalists), a sweep of all top three positions in the World Amateur Ranking, both number-1 ranked Division I male and female players, the Western Open, Porters Cup, North and South, and others. This is different.

Download your copy of the best putting instruction in the history of golf and take your game to the next level. Visit for details and ordering.

And it makes a great gift for the holidays if you know a friend who could use the help!


The PuttingZone Team and Geoff Mangum

Putting Coach and Theorist


  1. Wow,thanks for sharing such wonderful video.It's really a nice blog on putting.It is a real feeling of golf and they add more style than any other drivers, wedges or woods.It's one of the easy way for us to learn.

  2. My putting is pretty poor and this is so helpful. Great post, thanks a lot

  3. Great video. Worth every penny!