Friday, September 07, 2007

Reading and Aiming Video Clips

Hi Folks,

I've uploaded five new video clips on the "Channel PuttingZone" at YouTube for reading putts to select a target near the hole (2 clips) and for aiming the putter face thru the ball at the selected target (3 clips).

The "reading" clips explain the "fall-line" of straight uphill/downhill thru any hole and how to perceive it accurately and how to use it -- along with your usual sense of touch and the consistent delivery speed of all putts to cups regardless of length of putt or contour -- for reading the general pattern and exact extent of breaks in such a way that one and only one spot on the high side of the hole, a certain distance up the fall-line, is selected or identified as the target spot to aim at for both line and distance.

The "aiming" tips follow chronologically in the putting routine, as then the golfer uses the selected target spot on the fall-line to aim the putter face at this target thru the ball for line, and then for putting straight the right distance at and to this target spot as if the putt were dead level and straight from ball to target spot and the golfer wants the ball to arrive at the target spot with the same delivery speed he ordinarily uses in sending the ball over the lip deep into the cup.


Geoff Mangum
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