Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Break Aim Point Charts

Charts with aim points for breaking putts are not new, and were done comprehensively in 1984 by H.A. Templeton in the only book ever written about reading putts: Vector Putting: The Art and Science of Reading Greens and Computing Break (Dallas TX, 1984). The physics of breaking putts as discussed in Tony Penner's The Physics of Putting, in the Canadian Journal of Physics, is also nice. However, the golfer still needs the KNOW-HOW of what to do with his perceptual processes for accurate identification of the "fall line" thru the cup, his perception of slope steepness, his perception of ball delivery speed, his identification of a start line, the perception of the aiming of the putter face, and relating touch to the spatial relations of the green and hole. Charts and lists of aim points are interesting and perhaps ball-park the golfer a bit, but in fact are generalized reads whereas the golfer needs a specific read for "THIS PUTT AND NO OTHER". That requires skill in the use of instinctive processes that aim-point charts and algorithms and general physics formulae can never provide. Learning the skill of reading putts and then honing performance is a far more advanced and worthwhile endeavor that pays bigger scoring dividends than anything based upon the aim-point science and technology of today. To learn more about aim-point physics and about the perceptual brain processes involved in reading putts, visit the PuttingZone's vector putting discussion.


Geoff Mangum

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