Monday, February 12, 2007

The Putter "T"

The Putter "T" is the shape of the putter, with the top being the putter face and the stem being the alignment aid at the sweetspot directed away from the target. Consequently, every putter, once aimed, implies an opposite or mirror "T" along the ground showing where the ball needs to roll for a "straight putt." The "T" stem is a short line segment about 5-6 inches long running perpendicularly away from the putter face. The stroke needs to move the putter face square along this stem, with the sweetspot remaining on line and the face square, and the ball needs to roll down this stem and off its endpoint. The "T" always looks the same in a consistent setup, and all straight putts have the same "look and feel" for exiting the visual scene near the feet. Golfer's will never know how poorly they actually aim until they first learn how to putt straight where they in fact have aimed (audio podcast, 5 mins. 38 seconds) -- Listen

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