Monday, March 05, 2007

GolfSmarter PuttingZone Podcast

In this appearance on Fred Greene's GolfSmarter Podcast, Geoff and Fred discuss the PuttingZone's revolutionary approach to putting that combines over 100 years of the best golf lore with modern neuroscience for putting targeting perceptions and stroke movement processes in the brain and body, resulting in the "Mechanics of Instinct" -- a new paradigm for golf science to replace the outdated engineering / robotics approach of the past quarter century. Learn what the brain knows about "touch" that golfers have never known about the body moving and acting on earth -- from the inside looking out. (audio podcast, 41 minutes) Listen.

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martin.baker said...

This podcast was fantastic Geoff & Fred - I live in Australia and would never have known these tips in a lifetime of golf. I tried the gravity swing this morning on our most difficult green and missed the hole by half an inch and it stopped within 6 inches - I have a handicap of 27 and i usually miss this put by feet...! thanks and well done