Friday, November 02, 2007

PuttingZone Book Available

Finally, the PuttingZone book, Geoff Mangum's PuttingZone: Science, the Brain, and the Mechanics of Instinct for Putting -- A Professional Guide, is available as a PDF eBook. This book will also be published later in December 2007 as a limited first edition hardcover, signed and numbered in a first run of 1,000 copies, from Hornberger Druck GmbH in Maulburg Germany.

If you are interested in pre-ordering the hardcover limited first edition, the advance price is $34.95 US and Canada or $39.95 International (includes S&H). If you pre-order now, I will immediately ship you the eBook in the meantime for free. And if you would rather simply receive the eBook only, the price is $19.95 US and Canada or $23.95 International (includes S&H) for the electronic version (compressed PDF) in email plus the same (larger size PDF) on a CD mailed to your address. TO ORDER: Mail check or money order to Geoff Mangum's PuttingZone, 518 Woodlawn Ave, Greensboro NC 27401, and for questions simply email me at Or you may send payment to PayPal at Sorry, but I do not yet have access to a credit card account for payments.

Here are the contents in the current state of the book before final publication (there will be a few additions between now and then):

Geoff Mangum’s PuttingZone: Science, the Brain, and the Mechanics of Instinct for Putting -- A Professional Guide (publication date December 2007)

Table of Contents

The Mechanics of Instinct
& the Four Skills of Putting

The Brain & the “Mechanics of Instinct” 1
Conventional Lore 2
A New Paradigm 7
Learn Skills from the Ground Up 10

Controlling Distance: Theory 12
Definition of Touch 12
Optimal Delivery Speed 12
Observing Optimal Delivery Speed 15
Five Factors for Touch 18
Definition of Tempo 19
Gravity and Movement on Earth 20
Physics Characteristics of Pendular Motion 21
Inherent Timing of Pendular Objects 22
Gravity Timing and Insinct 23
Human Instinct and Gravity Timing 25
Strength of Instinctive Gravity Timing 26
Choosing an Optimal Tempo 27
What is a Backstroke? 29

Controlling Distance: Praxis or Application 31
Green Speed Appreciation 31
Tempo Controls Putterhead & Impact Speed 32
Optimal Touch is Instinctive 33
Head-neck Motion Primes Distance Sense 33
Instinctive Move Sets Backstroke Size 34
“One Potato...Two” Tempo is Non-conscious 36
Tempo Timing & Accurate Timing Performance 38
Green Speed Appreciation from Core Putt 38
Uphill / Downhill Effects 40
Special Case: Slick Downhill Putts 42
Special Case: Steep Tiers 43
Delicate Strokes 44
Short-Putt Touch 45
Summary of Touch 45

Stroking Straight 45
Carpenter’s Square off the Foot 46
Straight Stroke Movement 47
Shoulder Starts Takeaway 48
Gravity-Tempo Downstroke is Effortless 48
Keep Hands “Dead” in Downstroke 49
Hands Stay Out Where They Start 50
Hands Do Not Rotate, Grip Stays Constant 50
Lead Shoulder Lift Sends Ball Straight 51
Throat line Holds Square at Midline 52
Lead Hip Anchors Backstroke 53
Head Motion in Thru-Stroke 54

Aiming Accurately 55
Stand Back Same Distance as Putt 55
Use Dominant Eye Behind Ball 55
Use Shaft as Visual “Ruler” 56
Anchor Perceptions on the Ground at Ball 56
Keep Perspective Walking into Ball 56
Use Achors at Ball to Aim Putterface 57
Ball Shape as Indicating Line 57
Squaring the Putter Face 58
Two T’s of Putter and Ground Lines 58
Setup for a Straight Stroke as Putter is Aimed 59
Grip Form and Setup 60
Homogenous Muscle Tone for Form 62
Checking the Aim of the Putter Face 64
Squaring the Skull Line to the Putter Face 65
Head Turn to Check Putter Face Aim 66

Reading for Target 67
Read the Green as a Whole from Fairway 67
Use References to Vertical & Horizontal 68
Local Hills & Mountains May Confuse Read 68
Read the “Stock Chart” of Highside Fringe 69
Beware Lobed Greens with Catchment Basins 69
Overall Slope as Rise over Run Percentage 70
Perceiving Elevation Change from Ball to Hole 70
Perceiving Green Surface Contour 72
Perceiving Green Speed 75
Visualizing Ball Rolling Speed 76
Other Perception Issues for Reading Putts 76
Find Straight Startline for Breaking-Putt Curves 78
“Apex” is Always Too Low for Startline 78
Find the Fall-Line thru the Cup 78
Aim Spot is Always on the Fall-Line High 84
See the “Spider” at any Green Location 85

Putting Routine 87
Purpose of the Routine 87
Pre-Round Preparation Routine 87
Approach Routine 87
On-the-Green Routine 89
Reading Routine 90
Seeing Green Speed 90
Perceiving Green Contour 91
Reading Elevation Change 91
Aiming Routine 91
Setup Routine 92
Checking Putter Face Aim Routine 92
Stroke Routine 93

Conclusion 95

55 Drills for Putting Skills
Reading for Target 97
Aiming Accurately 99
Stroking Straight 100
Controlling Distance 106

Bibliography of Putting Books 1900-2007 110
PuttingZone Academies & Coaches 121
Get in the PuttingZone: Opportunities 128
About Geoff Mangum 129

There are limited opportunities to advertise your company, product, service, course, or school in the first edition, and if interested, email me ( and I'll send details immediately. Deadline for copy and graphics is November 20.


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arthur said...

The much anticipated authoritative text on putting has arrived and many of us will be the better for it. May I suggest that you give potential buyers a chance to reveiw some of the book's content; perhaps some selections from a number of chapters could be accessed on the Putting Zone website. We've waited for the wine to mature; how about a sniff of its bouquet?

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