Saturday, September 20, 2008

The "Bermuda Triangle" of Short Putts: Golf Smarter Tips Podcast 09-19-08

For this week's podcast, LISTEN now (audio, 10 min, 16 secs.).

This short podcast tip on the "Bermuda Triangle" of short putts between 2 and 8 feet aired on Golf Smarter Friday, 19 September 2008.

To view a 22-minute television program on the Bermuda Triangle from the History Channel (2006), hosted by Leonard Nimoy, click here.

The putting podcast is now available for free on the Golf Smarter Tips website and also is archived on the PuttingZone and in the iTunes podcast "store" (also a FREE download). Anyone wishing to pose a question for response on the Golf Smarter "Fridays Free" program, please use the "Ask the Experts" link on the Golf Smarter website. If your question is chosen for the air, you will receive a FREE gift from me, such as a free copy of the new book Optimal Putting, a free "PuttingZone" logo shirt, sweater, wind breaker or the like in your specified size, a "PuttingZone Preferred" training aid, or similar gift as Thanks!

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