Thursday, November 11, 2010

Geoff Mangum Explains the Stroke

Here is a 45-minute interview by's Ralph Perez with Geoff Mangum, discussing "the stroke" in putting and explaining why stroke technique is not that important for great putting.

Geoff Mangum on "The Stroke" from Ralph Perez on Vimeo.


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Anonymous said...

I used to have a "screen door" open and closed style and am trying to switch more to a pendulum approach - how do you prevent the shoulders from turning when stroking through the ball? I'm pulling putts this way.

Geoff said...

Keep the chest facing the "wall" of the aim line, as if a wall arises from the line on the ground of the aim of the putter face and the intended start line of the putt: each shoulder stays the same distance from this "wall" throughout the forward stroke's passage thru the impact zone. This, plus the base of the neck NOT swinging in a curling / twisting direction thru impact at the target, but instead staying put in place even if the point is spinning in place with the shoulder action pivoting there, prevents a pull, and requires that the sole of the putter rise up vertically above the intended line, the bottom of the toe and heel ends staying even off the flatness of the surface. The neck stays put while the bottom of the putter rises straight down the line a little, staying centered above the line and staying also square to the line and the sole staying flush to the surface as it rises. This action requires the lead shoulder to rise vertically with the putter head, an NOT to pull into the inside, twisting the chest away from the "wall".